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Siege Analytics makes awesome maps.

Ever wonder what your data might look like all mapped out? Digging through tables that tell you the average income of households in a precinct, but need to digest the data more easily? Data works great for analysis, but doesn't always tell you the whole story.

That’s where we come in.

Boundary Creation

Create maps of precincts, political districts, or sales turf where none existed before! Originally built to generate precinct maps where none existed, we take simple address data and return fully polygonized maps, ready for analysis.

Cartography and Spatial Analysis

Got data you need mapped? Have spatial questions you need asked of your data? Don't even know where to start? Choose a team with over a decade of experience from several different continents.

Wheres of Campaigning

Make informed political decisions by asking where your voters live! From walkability modeling, drive-time distance to polling locations, or the best place to locate campaign offices, we can help optimize your campaign in ways you've never thought of.

Spatial Engineering

Have your data ready to go, but need help installing PostGIS or Mapserver? Get in touch today!

Data Processing

We offer more than just mapping products! Need your data cleaned or a fancy report? We can help.

GIS Training

Looking to move away from expensive GIS packages? We can train you or your organization on open-source software packages QGIS or GRASS GIS.

Ready to make maps?

Decided you want to make maps with us? Curious about the services we offer? Drop us a line and we'll be in touch as quickly as possible.